The Bar with the Golden Toilet

A guy is recounting his previous night’s drunken adventure to his buddy.

“I’m telling ya man. This is the best bar in the whole city. Every Friday night they have all you can drink specials for $2. And the best part… a sorority house is right next door and the place is just filled with young, gorgeous, single, women.”

“Well let’s go next Friday then!”

“Aye, and that’s where the problem lies. Like I said, it was all you can drink, so I had my fill and my memory is pretty fuzzy. All I can remember about the place is it had big purple double doors in the front and a golden toilet in the restroom.”

“A golden toilet?”

“Aye, a golden toilet. Even in my blacked out state I can remember thinking how strange it was for the toilet to be painted gold.”

The pair decide they are going to find this bar with the $2 drinks, gorgeous gals, big purple doors, and a golden toilet. The next Friday they head out and catch a cab. They explain to the cab driver what they are looking for and he says it doesn’t sound familiar, but if it’s in this city he will find it.

So, after driving all over town without much luck they finally pull up to this little dive bar and lo and behold it has over-sized double doors painted a bright purple. The guy gets excited and tells his buddy, “I think this is it!”

The bar hasn’t opened up yet for the night, but they notice the bartender bringing out a bag of trash to the dumpster, so they go over to ask him about it.

“Hey, does this place have golden toilets?”

The bartender is confused. “What?!?”

“Does this place have golden toilets? I was in the best bar of my life last week and the only thing I can remember is it has purple doors like this one and a golden toilet in the men’s room.”

The bartender thinks for a minute, seems to realize what is going on, then opens up the door to bar and yells, “Hey Sam, I think I found the guy that took a dump in your tuba last week!”

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