The Altar Boy’s Confession

Once there was an altar boy, who was fairly new to the parish. Father Charles was just finishing a confession, when he came out and asked the new alter boy, “please son, I need to go to the washroom really badly, and I fear it will take a long time. Can you please take care of the next few people for me in the confessionals?” The new altar boy, nervous, asks “but Father, what prayers should I give them?” Father Charles says “just give them 10 Hail Marys and send them on their way.” So, the new altar boy goes into the confessional, and a lady walks in. She confesses, ” oh father, I have committed the greatest sin! I have performed oral sex on another man.” The altar boy, remains silent and shocked and at a loss of words. He quietly and quickly steps out of the confessional and spots another altar boy. He asks him, “hey, what does Father Charles give for oral sex?” And the other altar boy responds, “2 snickers bar and a coke.”

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