The 3 ex drug addicts

So 3 ex drug addicts (let’s call them Jim, Mike and Bill) volunteered for a week to try to convince as many junkies as possible to ask for help to fight their addiction. They were given by the local authorities 2 photos, one showing a small circle and one showing a big circle and they were told to use their imagination and try to be as convincing as possible. So the week passes and Jim comes back having convinced 5 people. “Wow Jim that’s amazing, what did you tell them” “Well I told them that the small circle resembles their economies now and the big one their economies if they stop using drugs” Also mike comes back having convinced 8 people “Beautiful work Mike how did you manage it” “Well I told them that the small circle resembles their social circle now and the big one resembles their social circle if they ditch the drugs” Then finally comes Bill having convinced 100 people “Bill that’s beyond unimaginable, how the hell did you manage that? What did you tell them??” “Well it was very simple to be honest. I told them the small circle resembles their butthole now and the big circle resembles their butthole if they go to prison”

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