Steve went to doctor and after an exam he picked his prescription

When he came home, he opens the box and sees that “pills” look a bit strange. Asks wife and she cannot figure them either. So he calls doctor.

– “Hi doctor, I got prescription today but pills are strange and don’t look like something I could swallow.”

– “That’s because those are not pills. These are suppositories.”

He hangs up and wife asks him what doctor said. He tells her and they still cannot figure it out. So he calls again.

– “Hi, how am I to take those suppositories?”

– “They’re intended to be used rectally.”

Steve explains that to his wife too but they still are not sure what to do. So he calls again.

– “Hi again, I don’t know what rectally means.”

– “No worries – just take them anally and you’re good.”

So he hangs up again but he and his wife still cannot figure it out. So again he calls.

– “Hi doctor, can you please explain me plainly how to take these?”

– “Yes, just shove them up your ass.”

Hearing that, Steve slams the phone down and tells his wife

– “You call him – he’s furious with me now.”

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