Steve owns a flower stand.

He’s got all kinds of flowers – daisies, petunias, roses, and even wildflowers like firewheels and bluebonnets. He has the most expansive collection of flowers in the city, all of the highest quality, and business is booming.

However, one day, a group of priests moved in across the street and open their own flowers shop. Their collection is just as expansive, just as high-quality, and they begin to siphon off customers from Steve. Soon, Steve’s customer base has been nearly cut in half. Needless to say, Steve is very worried about this turn of events.

“These priests are going to drive me out of business!” Steve says to his friend, Joe. Joe thinks for a minute.

“I’ll go get my friend Hugh – he should be able to take scare them off,” says Joe.

Hugh turns out to be this small, scrawny kid with almost no meat on his bones. In fact, it looks as though a strong breeze could blow him over. Steve has concerns about how effective this kid will be, but he doesn’t really have any other options.

Hugh goes over to the priests and flexes his non-existent muscles. No sooner has he done this but they pale, pack up, and leave their shop abandoned.

“Wow,” says Steve, “How did he do that?” His friend replies:

“Didn’t you know? Only Hugh can prevent florist friars.”

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