Stalin is delivering speech in a hall full of people.

The crowd is dead silent during the speech. A man in the crowd has cold and, unwillingly, he sneezes. Stalin’s speech is disturbed. So Stalin stops and gazes the crowd and asks “Who did that?”. The man, scared to death, stays silent. Stalin then orders the entire first row to be taken outside and executed. He then continues his speech. The man sneezes again. Stalin asks the same question but nobody answers. Stalin then orders the second row to be taken outside and be executed. After a while the man sneezes again. This time furious, Stalin asks the same question. The man, riddled with guilt, scared to the bone, stands up and mumbles I-..I did C-comrade S-Stalin to which Stalin says “What was that?” The man yells “I d-did comrade Stalin. Stalin then responds “Bless you” and continues his speech

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