Soviet Joke about Jews.

Little Jewish boy Moishe comes home, walks up to his mother, and says:

“Mom, mom, I wrote at school today in the column “Nationality” that I’m Russian! “Son, what do you eat for lunch every day?” – “Chicken!” – “And now you will eat potatoes, like all Russian children.”

Moishe becomes upset, and goes to his dad, he thinks maybe his dad will approve. Going to dad: – “Dad, dad, today I wrote “Russian” in the column “Nationality” at school!” – “Son, how do you go to school every day?” – “By car dad!” – “And now you will ride a tram, like all Russian children.”

Moishe, very upset, goes to his grandfather, maybe he will approve: – “Grandfather, grandfather, today I wrote “Russian” in the column “Nationality!” – “Grandson, how much pocket money did you get for school every day?” – “100 grandfather!” “And now you will receive a ruble. Like all Russian children.” Moishe becomes completely upset, and sits down with his family for dinner. Everyone eats a chicken, winking at each other. Moishe eats potatoes. And then Mom asks Moishe: “Well, son, how do you like being Russian?” – “Damn, I’m Russian just for a couple of hours, and already hate you, damn Jews!

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