Soon after 9/11, an Arab leaves behind a suitcase at a train station

Standing nearby is a blond-haired blue-eyed white man who immediately notices this. He walks up to the suitcase and the zipper’s not completely closed, so he takes a peek inside.

He sees electronic gizmos, what looks like a timer, and a huge pile of cash. He grabs the suitcase and chases down the Arab to return it.

“Thank you!” exclaims the Arab, “you have saved my life, alhamdulillah! I can never repay you, but I will give you a very important piece of advice:”

The Arab leans in close and whispers into the white man’s ear, “Whatever you do, do not go to Birmingham, Alabama. No matter what.”

“Why?” asks the white man, “because there will be an attack or something?”

“No,” replies the Arab, “because that place is a fucking shithole.”

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