Sometimes you just have to accept the facts of a situation…..

Back in the 20s when most kitchens didn’t have refrigerators but ice boxes instead, a man is driving a horse drawn wagon selling blocks of ice around town.

Rolling thru the streets he’d call out “Ice! Ice for sale! Ice!”

A lady on the 5th floor of one building he’s passing yells down, “I’ll take some ice. Bring me a $.10 block of ice.”

So the iceman cuts off a $.12 block. It’s a hot day, no elevator in the building by the time he makes it to her apartment, it’ll be $.10.

While he’s gone he leaves his cart & horse parked up along side the street curb and just as a stranger comes walking down the sidewalk & is beside the horse, the horse turns his head and says, “What a life!”.

The man looks around and sees not another soul anywhere close to him except the horse. So the man looks at the horse and says, “Did you just say something to me?”

The horse turns his head and replies, “Oh yes I did & I’ll tell you why. Every day Monday thru Fri my owner has me pull this ice wagon all over town 6am till dark. Then on Saturday’s he sells rides to the kids. And on Sundays he hitches me up to a carriage and it’s sun up to sun down carrying people all around the park. So I’ve got a dang good reason to complain about my life.”

Flabbergasted the man askes the horse, “But, but, but does he realize you can TALK????”

“No, and don’t you tell him either! He’ll make me yell, ‘Ice’! “

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