Something elsewhere on reddit reminded me of this old joke. – – – Four nuns are tragically killed in a car accident.

Upon arriving at the Pearly Gates they find Saint Peter awaiting them.

He greets them politely saying, “My dear sisters in Christ, before I can allow anyone to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, I must ask each a question.”

Continuing, as he smiles down at them, “I must emphasize, being truthful in your response, and if necessary, atoning as instructed, are the keys to passing these gates.”

All four nuns agree and line up in single file. The first nun approaches Saint Peter meekly.

He asks her, “Dear Sister, in your estimation have you ever done anything in your time on earth that might prevent you from passing through these gates?”

She looks nervously at her feet for a moment or two, then timidly replies. “Yes sir, I touched a man’s penis once…” quickly adding while extending her left index finger, “but only briefly with my finger.”

With a raised eyebrow and a look of mild shock, Saint Peter looks down at her, considering. After a few moments, with a hint of concern, he tells her. “Alright sister, I can let you in, but only if you wash your finger in the holy water from the basin over by the gates.”

The first nun breathes a huge sigh of relief and scurries off to do as he asks, while Saint Peter watches her intently. Once she completes her task the gates open with a fanfare and she disappears inside, gates clanging shut behind her.

Saint Peter returns his attention to the line of nuns, looking a bit irked now, and motions, at which the second nun steps sheepishly forward.

A bit rattled he asks, “Dear Sister, in your estimation have you ever done anything in your life that may prevent you from entering Heaven”?

The second nun is noticeably squirming now. Finally she stammers, “Y-y-yes sir, I also touched a man’s penis, but just briefly, with my hands.”

Saint Peter is now noticeably exasperated, muttering to himself, while staring down at her sharply…

After a minute of careful consideration Saint Peter tells her, “Ok sister, I will allow you in as well, but first you must wash your hands in the holy water there,” motioning irritably towards the basin.

She gasps audibly, then rushes to do as she is told, Saint Peter glowering after her.

It is in this moment the fourth nun taps the third on the shoulder, asking if she can cut in front of her in line. To which the third asks, “Whatever for dear sister?”

“Well,” the fourth replies, “I would really like to gargle that holy water, before you sit in it!”

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