Some engineers were arguing about God.

One says, “God was clearly a mechanical engineer. Just look at the structure of the bones, how they’re shaped to carry their loads without wasted weight, how the joints interlock to give free movement, how the muscles are optimally placed as actuators with the best leverage.”

The second replies, “But all that would do nothing without nerve impulses. A whole network carrying electrical signals, with feedback loops to control it. And don’t even get me started on the brain. God was obviously an electrical engineer.”

The third says, “None of that would work without chemistry. The electrical signals get interpreted to make compounds that diffuse across the synapses. The muscles rely on proteins that contract. The bones get made by just the right minerals in just the right places. And the whole thing is powered by oxidation reactions with glucose. God is the greatest chemical engineer there ever was.”

The fourth says, “We’d just be dumb animals if it wasn’t for our minds. God was a software engineer. The image processing algorithms, the memory storage and retrieval, the decision-making logic. We even need to shut down every night and boot up again in the morning!”

Then the fifth one speaks up. “You’re all wrong. God was definitely a civil engineer.”

“Why, because the blood vessels are like a road network?” the others ask.

“No,” the fifth engineer replies, “Because who else but a civil engineer would put a toxic waste line through a recreational area.”

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