Social experiment

Social researchers from Oxford devised an experiment to place three men from diverse cultures on an otherwise deserted island. They decided on one man from France, one from Germany, and one from Japan.

The German was told he is in charge of shelter, the Frenchman was put in charge of meals, and the Japanese was told he was in charge of supplies.

The three were left alone on the island for 6 month. When the researchers returned, the German greeted them and showed the around the visa he had built which included electricity, hot and cold running water, and a sauna among other amenities.

When it was time for dinner, the Frenchman served a scrumptious 8 course meal using all native plants and animals he had discovered on the island. The dinner was paired with several wines which had also been vinted from native plants.

After dinner, the researchers realized they had yet to see the Japanese guy. The German told them that immediately after arrival on the island, he had taken off into the jungle. Worried about his fate, a rescue party was immediately formed and the set off to look for him.

About 200 meters down the path into the interior of the island, the Japanese guy leapt from a tree and yelled.


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