So this lady has a husband who travels a lot on work

She is worried about her safety, being alone at home all the time, and she decides to get herself a guard dog. She goes to the kennel and asks for the most ferocious dog they have. “That would be Mike Tyson” says the kennel owner. He goes out back and returns with a tiny little pug trotting behind him. “That’s Mike Tyson?” she asks incredulously. “He’s tiny!” “You would think so” the guy says “but watch this!” He looks the dog in the eye and says “Mike Tyson – tire!” The little dog jumps at the spare tire in the corner of the kennel and in a flash of teeth and muscle he rips the tire into shreds. The woman is very impressed. She buys the dog and takes him home. She decides to test out the dog’s powers for herself. “Mike Tyson – chair!“ she calls out. Again the little dog turns into a snarling muscular beast. In a flash of teeth and sawdust the chair is quickly disintegrated. The next day her husband comes back from a business trip. He sees the little doggo in the living room. “Aww what a cute little pup“ he says. “What is his name?“ “That’s Mike Tyson“ his wife responds. The man bursts out laughing. “ Ha! Mike Tyson my ass…”

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