So this guy goes to the pharmacist

“Hello, sir. How can I help you?”

“I’ll have a pack of condoms, please.”

“That’ll be $6.25 please.”

The guy hands the pharmacist a $10 bill, saying, “We’re good, keep the change.” and he walks out with a bis smile on his face.

About an hour later, that same guy comes to the pharmacist again.

“Good afternoon, sir. What may it be?”

“One pack of condoms, please. Let me guess! $6.75?”

“Wrong, it’s $6.25.”

The pharmacist is handed another $10 bill as the guy says, “Right, I remember now! You know what? Keep the change.”

The guy is laughing out loud and waving enthusiastically at the pharmacist as he walks out the door.

“What’s so funny about a pack of condoms”, the pharmacist asks himself, “I want to know where he’s going with those.”

And so he asks his assistant to follow the guy around wherever he goes the next time he comes to buy condoms.

Two hours later, the guy comes in again, smiling from ear to ear as he asks for another pack of condoms.

“That’ll be another $6.25, or can I keep the change again?” asks the pharmacist, to which the guy answers,

“Of course you can, you and me we’re buddies, remember!”

The guy almost falls over from his frantic laughter as he walks out the door, and the pharmacist quickly nods his assistant to go after him.

About ten minutes later, the assistant comes back.

“So, where did he go?”

“Your place.”

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