So, there was a kid on a farm.

Who wanted more in life. His family has always been taking care of farm animals, but he wanted something more in life. So, he left the farm and went to the big city to study.

He still loved animals, so he was hoping to become a vet one day. Day in and day out he studied and studied as hard as he could, he got into a good vet school and studied even harder.

Finally, he reached the final exams, if he passed this exam, he would become a vet. He completed all the questions, except one:

“How do you perform an abortion on a cow?”

He kept thinking about that question for nearly 2 hours, but he couldn’t awnser it, and was forced to give a blank paper.

He did not pass the test because of this one question.

The boy was disheartened and left the city to go back to the farm. His father was happy to see him approaching, but something was wrong.

The boy was looking terrible, he was sad, he was slouching and was looking disheartened.

“What’s wrong my boy? Why are you looking like that?” The father said.

The boy looked up and asked:

“Dad, do you know how to perform a cow abortion?”

The father replied:

“Holy shit, what have you gotten yourself into?”

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