So there is this guy in the old folks home

He’s talking with Barbara and the subject of sex comes up. Barbara says “Ray you old coot, you couldn’t get it up if you wanted to.” “I know I know but I wished I had someone to just hold it sometimes.” Ray says. “Well I could do that.” Says Barbara.

And they got to a secluded place and she did. Many times in fact, it became a regular thing. Until one day that is. She wheeled up to the spot and he wasn’t there. Her heart sank. He must have died she thought and went looking. Finally she found someone with some info on that Ray was in fact alive and had just seen him a few minutes before. As she wheeled around the corner she saw him, with none other than Nancy May, holding his dick!

Ray! You two timing son of a bitch! What does Nancy May have that I don’t?


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