So I was pinching one at a highway restaurant toilet

There I sat, reading a magazine, minding my own business. A couple of minutes later comes this other dude and enters the next cubicle. I stay silent, hearing him unzip, taking his pants off, shuffling around, sitting down and starting his thing.

A minute later, I hear him say “Hey, what’s up?”.

The toilet was empty, not another soul. In the silence, feeling a bit uncomfortable to talk to strangers while on the stool, I take a moment but then decide to answer “I’m fine thanks! You?”

“I’m on the interstate, driving to Austin. I’ll be there tomorrow. When will you get there?” – he comes back

“I’m not going there, I’m just going home. I live 30 minutes away, but I’m not feeling well, so on my way back from work I stopped here to use the toilet” – I answer

A few seconds later, in the dead silence I continue: “But why do you drive all the way to Austin? Afraid of flying?”

He replies: “Look, Jim. Can’t talk now. There’s this creepy perv sitting right next to me. I’ll call you back from the car.”

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