So, a penguin is driving down the road…

So, a penguin is driving down the road in his truck. His truck starts to sputter, so he pulls into a town and finds a mechanic shop. The mechanic says, “Well Mr. Penguin you should go downtown and get something to eat while I see what is wrong with your truck here.” “Great idea!” says Mr. Penguin, “I am famished.” So, the penguin starts walking do- well, waddling down town, and he sees an ice cream shop. Everyone knows that penguins fuckin’ love ice cream so he orders an ice cream cone. He starts to eat it, but it gets all over his beak and face, because he doesn’t have any opposable thumbs, he is a penguin. He starts to wal- ddle back to the mechanic shop. The mechanic, who is just finishing up, rolls out from under the truck and says to the penguin, “Well Mr. Penguin, it looks like you blew a seal.” The penguin shrugs and replies, “Nah, that is just a bit of ice cream.”

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