Singles on a deserted island

A luxury cruise ship offered a cruise for young singles only. But halfway through the voyage, the ship crashed. The Captain had been having a affair and didn’t see the giant rock formation. The cruise ship went down in record time (as did the Captain). Most people on board were too drunk to act fast and escape. In the end, there were only 6 survivors.Mike, Tom, William, Timothy, Frank and Wendy.

These 6 people managed to get in a lifeboat and get to a tropical island. On this island they found a deserted research facility where everything for basic survival was present. Equipment, beds, canned food and water. Unfortunately, there was no radio or other means to contact the outside world. Tom said: “Well, at least there’s no button we have to press a button every 108 minutes.”. His joke was lost to the others.

So these 6 people started a new life on their island. But there was still one issue to resolve.Sex.With 5 straight guys and only 1 woman, they had to work something out. After much discussion they came to the following arrangement.

Each man got one day of the week in which he could have sex with the woman. The day was chosen by the first letter of their name. So Mike on Mondays, Tom on Tuesdays, William on Wednesdays, Timothy on Thursdays and Frank on Fridays. And in the weekends, Wendy would get to choose her bed partner if she even wanted one.

This arrangement worked well for several weeks. That all changed when Wendy got real sick after an infection. None of them was a doctor and they hadn’t found any medication on the island. They couldn’t save her and so Wendy died.

On top of losing their friend, they also lost the only woman on the island.

The first week passes by and everything went great.The second week passes by and everything was good.The third week it was getting harder.The fourth week it had become unbearable.

That’s when they decided to bury Wendy.


Yes, this is a repost of a joke I had once posted before but I reworked it a bit. On top of that, this is my cake day. So I get to post what I want (including potential grammatical mistakes).

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