Scientist walks into bar with an apple…

He sits down and the bartender says, “what’s the apple for?” Scientist says “I made this apple taste like a screwdriver. Here, try it.” The bartender grabs it and takes a bite. “Woah! Tastes like vodka!” “Turn it around,” the scientist says. The bartender turns it around and takes another bite. “Tastes like orange juice! This is amazing! Now if only you could make it taste like pussy!” The scientist gives a look as he stands up and leaves the bar. The bartender feels bad assuming he offended the scientist. Several months later the scientist comes running into the bar screaming, ” I did it! I did it! I made this apple taste like pussy!” Excited the bartender grabs it out of his hand and takes a bite. Groaning with disgust he spits it out all over the floor. “Yuck this tastes like shit!” The scientist smiles and says,” turn it around.”

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