School Projects are fun

A science teacher sent off his year 8 class with a homework task, come up witch a science experiment, and either film it to show to the class, or show the experiment in front of the class next week.

Tim went home and thought long and hard about what he would do, but he came in next week with a small tin box.

When it was his turn to present, he put down the box and opened it, he took out a small garden spider, a stopwatch and two tooth picks.

He set the tooth picks parallel, but at a fair distance apart. He put the spider down on one tooth pick, started the timer and yelled “RUN”

the spider ran from one toothpick to the other and Tim stopped the toothpick. “5 seconds” he said.

He picked the spider back up, pulled off one of its legs, and repeated it. “7 seconds”

Again, he picked up the spider, pulled off another leg, set it down, and yelled “RUN”. This time the spider took 9 seconds

He did this 5 more times, the spider only had one leg left and was crawling along the table, the teacher and class were horrified.

“19 seconds” said Tim

He pulled off the last leg, put the spider down and yelled “RUN”

The spider didn’t move.


He picked the spider up and put it back in the box.

The teacher said, “well Tim, that was an… interesting experiment, whatever you learned?”

“If you pull all the legs off of a spider, it goes deaf”

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