Sarah was devastated to hear the news of her father’s demise

She was making breakfast for her children when the terrible news struck her. Her father, who was 71 before his death, was a teetotaller and doesn’t smoke either. After the funeral, she began to enquire with her mother

“Mom, how exactly did dad die?”

“Sweetheart, me and your father were busy making love when he passed away”

Sarah gasped. “Mom, you’re both in your seventies and you’re having sex? Do you know how dangerous that is?”

Her mother tried to calm her. “No, no ,no sweetheart. As far as I know, the doctor specifically advised from “continuous and rapid exertion.” So we had this idea”

“Every Sunday, you’re father ploughs me to the chimes of the church bell. He’ll go in with the “ding” and out with the “dong”.”

“So how did he die?”

“If it weren’t for that damn ice cream truck you’re father would’ve been alive”

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