Sally’s first job

Little Sally is excited that a new house is going to be built on the vacant lot next-door.

Soon she gets to see the ground dug up, a foundation laid down, and the arrival of the carpenters. They’re a little rough around the edges but after a short while, Sally is over there talking with the crew and asking a lot of questions.

The carpenters like the girl and before long have her doing little things to make her feel important. At the end of the week they even give her a $10 paycheck.

Sally’s mom says, “let’s take that money to the bank and start an account for you.”

When they get to the bank, the teller says, “wow, where did you get all of this money little lady?” Sally explains the whole story of her eventful week.

The teller says, “so, are you going back to work next week?”

Sally says, “I will if those fuckers at the lumber yard ever show up with the goddamn trusses!”

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