Russian elementary school assignmen: “please tell us an anecdote that demonstrates the kindness of our great leader Putin”

On the due date, the teacher has some students stand up and read their assignments in front of the class.

Little Igor goes first : “one day President Putin was walking down the street when he noticed a crying little girl. He asked what was troubling her, and she told him that her cat went up the tree and won’t come down. President Putin personally climbed the tree and rescued the cat.”

Everyone applauds and the teacher commends little Igor on his assignment.

Little Olga is next :”One day President Putin was inspecting a steel factory, and he noticed that the workers had no adequate safety gear. He then personally ordered the factory to stop and had them supplied using his own personal wealth.”

Everyone applauds, the teacher commends little Olga on her assignment.

Little Sasha is next :” One day President Putin was working in his office for the good of the Russian people, even though he had a terrible headache because of all the problems with Ukraine. But he couldn’t concentrate on his work because a bunch of kids were playing soccer on the street beneath his window. So he opened the window and said to them:

“Stop with your fucking game you little shits and scram!”

The whole class falls silent. The teacher asks little Sasha : “but, how on earth does this anecdote demonstrates the kindness of President Putin?”

Little Sasha replies : “Well, he could have ordered them shot instead!”

(Note : originally a soviet era joke with Lenin)

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