Rick, a salesman, specilized in real estate. As he was talking to a client names Down about a property. The client said to Rick…

“Never in my life have i seen such a pretty house!”

“Gonna buy it?” asked Rick.

“Give me the paperwork” said Down. “I’m gonna.”

“You made the right choice.” said Rick, while grinning a grin. What he had neglected to tell his client was thay the upstairs was completly damaged.

“Up we go I guess” said Down ” I wanna see the second floor.” Rick was panicked. If the client found out about the mess, he would refund the property for sure.

“NEVER!” said Rick. Lets get dinner first.

“Gonna pay for me?” asked Down.

“Let me think….. of course!”

“You are the best!” said down But while they were driving, they got in a terrible car accident.

“Down! are you okay?” askes Rick. “Rick,” he says, “read the first word of every line”

“God damnit” said Rick.

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