Read this one online a while back

An engineer dies and goes to hell. At first, he’s reluctant to come to terms with where he is.

The devil sees him, and says” Cheer up, hell isn’t so bad. I’ll prove it, you can have the best room in the house.”

The engineer happily accepts and is led to something that looks like it was built in a third world country. The devil leaves the disappointed engineer there for a while, and leaves that part of hell.

When he returns, he is astonished to find that the engineer has built a plumbing system, transportation infrastructure, and many other parts of the modern era. Hell starts to not be so bad.

God notices this, and he says, “Lucifer, how did you get an engineer, those are supposed to go to heaven?”

Lucifer says,” I guess my demons made it to him before your angels did.”

God: ” Well it doesn’t matter, send him up here or I’ll sue you.”

Lucifer: ” Where are you going to get a lawyer?”

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