Read This One In Playboy Decades Ago

You older pervs will have heard this one.

So a young couple were out driving late, and got caught in a snowstorm. Wouldn’t you know it? The car stalls while they’re out in the middle of nowhere, and has to pull over to the side of the road.

The man pops the hood, exits the car & proceeds to examine the engine. After a few minutes, he returns inside to warm up his hands. His girlfriend offers,

“Here, put your hands in-between my thighs to warm them up faster.”

So, he inserts his frozen paws inside the fold of her soft, smooth gams & finds his hands warmed up at a swift pace. Once they were warm enough, he returned to the task of getting the car started.

Again, after a few minutes he returns to the driver’s seat & proceeds to warm up his hands in-between his lady’s legs.

His third trip outside lasted a few more minutes until, once again, he needed his significant other’s help in avoiding frostbite. He let out a deep sigh once the feeling returned to his fingers, & that’s when his girlfriend’s expression changed. She looked him in the eye & said in a soft voice,

“Baby, aren’t your ears cold, too?”

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