Racism is not a joke

Hi, I’ve travelled around the world a little bit and I’ve had many wonderful experiences, although the story I’m about to share is one of the worst experiences in my life.

I went to Japan a few years ago and for the most part had a wonderful time and found the people to be amazingly friendly and welcoming. The exception was when I went to a Japanese onsen, or hot spring. I was aware of the ancient traditions, one of which is being naked. I was a little reserved at first but I soon realized being naked in the company of these Japanese strangers wasn’t such a big deal.

After about 10 minutes one Japanese man all of a sudden got angry and pointed at me and shouted “European in the water! Get out!”. It took me suprise, and I tried to explain I was Australian not European but he was having none of it. He just kept shouting “European in water” while everyone else got out. Even the German tourists I had met earlier started calling me disgusting. I couldn’t make sense of it, and I’m never going back to an onsen again.

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