Rabbit walks into a clothing store ..

Rabbit walks into a clothing store. Clerk says to the rabbit ‘may I help you, sir?’

Rabbit says ‘yes, I’d like a tossed salad with croutons, ranch dressing on the side.’

Clerk looks bewildered and responds ‘uhhh, we don’t have salads here.’

Rabbit says ‘oh really? Then make it a cheeseburger, with grilled onions and mayo.’

Clerk, a bit irritated, replies testily ‘sir, we don’t have cheeseburgers either.’

Rabbit, now a bit frustrated, sighs and says ‘ok then, I’ll go straight to dessert – hot fudge sundae, hold the nuts.’

Clerk has reached the end of his patience and explodes – ‘we don’t have desserts! We don’t have sandwiches, or salads, or hors d’oeuvres, or steaks, or pizza or anything else to eat! This is not a restaurant, this is clothing store! CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGN !?!?’

‘Hey,’ says the rabbit, also exasperated – ‘if I could read I would have ASKED FOR A MENU !!!!’

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