r/jokes is holding a meetup.

Thousands of people come, and they need someone to organize them, so the oldest mod, u/Daleeburg, is chosen to host the event.

“Welcome, Redditors!” He begins as everybody settles in. “We have some very important speakers coming up. I would like to thank–” but u/Daleeburg never finishes his sentence. Without warning, a hooded figure comes up behind him, unsheathes a large scythe, and lops of his head.

Blood sprays everywhere. Pandemonium ensues. In the confusion, the spectre disappears with the body.

Emergency services are called, and a manhunt begins, but in the meantime the subscribers of r/jokes have decided to continue with the convention. u/iBleeedOrange, as the mod with the most karma, is chosen to be the new host.

“I’m sorry everybody had to go through that, and may u/Daleeburg rest in peace,” he says, straightening his Syracuse hat. “But now we can continue without further interruption. Please give a warm welcome to—“

u/iBleeedOrange stops speaking, because the murderer materializes behind him and decapitates him, just as before.

As chaos reigns in the venue, what can only be the Grim Reaper disappears with the body again.

After everything quiets down, though, the r/jokes subscribers decide to give the meetup one last shot. They select a very nervous u/love_the_heat to be host because of his avid mod work and increase security, just to be on the safe side.

“Welco–” u/love_the_heat begins, but is immediately killed by the Grim Reaper, who popped out of nowhere to chop off his head with that rather large scythe of his.

Security, however, is quick to react this time, and they tackle Death to the ground, subduing and handcuffing him. As they lead him off the stage in shackles, someone yells “why? Why did you have to come to the r/jokes meetup?”

Death turned around and gave his answer.

“To reap host.”

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