Professor held an oral exam

He was in a good mood and the student that he questioned wasn’t prepared enough.
‘Look here, I can’t give you a passing grade based on your answers. I will however let you pass if you tell me how many lightbulbs there are in this room?’
The student counted carefully and confidently said ’32’.
The professor started laughing and reached for his bag:
‘Nice try but I got one in my bag, see you next month’
A month passed and the student came to try his luck again.
‘I remember you. You failed my lighbulb test last time. So tell me and if you answer correctly I won’t question you further. How many lightbulbs are in this room?’
The student looked him in the eye and said ’33’.
The professor laughed even harder than last time:
“Oh silly you, I didn’t bring a spare lightbulb with me this time”
The student smirked, reached for his bag and triumphantly said ‘oh, but I did’.

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