Priest Peter

A priest named Peter was a really great man to God. Always faithful and hard-working. One day, he died and went to the heaven’s gates. Besides him was a really drunk bus driver (like, a really bad driver) who died the same day.

Since Peter was thinking that the bus driver may not get a chance to enter heaven, he gave him the front place, saying “You can go before me.”

When the bus driver was going for the gates, angel Gabriel saw him and shouted, “Omg, Reginald! What’s up, brother? We’ve been waiting for you, come in!”. While Reginald entered the gates, Peter was very confused how Gabriel welcomed him. But he then ignores that and went for his turn.

When angel Gabriel saw Peter, he said “Uhh, sorry Peter, but you’re not welcome here.” Peter then got angry, saying “WHAAT?? I dedicated my whole life to God’s work, and that’s how you reward me?? Why did you welcome this drunk bastard like a brother, but I, a man of God, get banished??”

Angel Gabriel answered him, “Well, Peter, you see… Whenever you are teaching in the church, you get the whole church so bored, that people start sleeping in the church. But that man? Reginald? Whenever he’s driving, he gets the whole bus praying for their lives!!”

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