Post office joke

A post office received a letter from a little boy named Billy addressed to Santa Claus. They look at each other and, not knowing what to do with this, decide to read it out loud and have some fun. The letter goes something like this: “Dear Santa, our dad left us recently, my mom lost her job, so now I don’t have anything to wear during the winter as we can’t afford buying any new clothes… Can you please send me a winter coat, some gloves and a scarf? I’ve been a good boy the whole year!”

People in the office are crying… In just a few minutes they put a bit of cash together and got the boy a coat and a pair of good gloves. They didn’t have enough for the scarf, but they sent what they had to the boy anyway.

A couple of days later a letter comes back from the boy: “Dear Santa, thank you so much! People were right about you being the kindest person in the whole world! I wish those bastards in the post office didn’t steal the scarf though…”

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