Possible original joke my dad would always tell me that cracked me up

Chad (my dad) is walking down the street to the gas station to get a drink, when he gets hit by a car. He awakens to see an angel in front of him. “Hello, Chad. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you were struck by a car, and have been brought to Heaven. I’m here to bring you to God for judgement.” They begin to walk towards God. Chad is puzzled, there’s clocks everywhere, but none of them are actually keeping time. Some are moving, some are staying still. Chad asks the angel “What’s up with all these clocks?” The angel answers “It’s how we measure your sins. If the hour hand moves all the way around one full time, you go to hell. Everyone has a clock. To be honest, most of the movement you see on the clocks right now is just from people masturbating.” “Really? That’s weird. Where’s my son’s?” “Austin? His clock is on God’s desk. He’s using it as a fan.”

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