Peter Piker

When Peter Piker peeked at Penny,

And peeped her perfect pooper

His peepers paused and then his jaw

Plopped down into a stupor

But he perked up and pressed his luck;

Professed he pined to pipe her

He self-composed and then proposed

While pointing to his viper:

“My precious Pen, if I offend

Pardon my impositions

My pecker’s girth will proudly birth

Appointments with physicians!”

And then because, well, Penny was

A paragon of prudence

She was terse; pink pocket pursed

Prudish at his impudence

Professed dismay that he’d display

Such public provocation

Her posture now on Peter’s brow

Produced some perspiration

His mind had stopped, an idea dropped:

Promptly provide an answer

His plan composed, he now exposed

His purple peckish panther

And now she viewed, this proper prude,

Face painted in contortion,

An exuberant protuberance

Of preposterous proportion

It was a scene, this giant peen,

And lo, his proclamation

Of penis size, plain to her eyes

Proved no prevarication

Hardly believed what she perceived:

His ponderous projection

And what’s more, a pompadour

of pubic hair perfection

Impassioned hands now passed his glans

And pressed his perineum

She opened wide to put his pride

And joy where you can’t see ’em

Peter enjoyed his fruitful ploy

But peered from his perspective

Perchance compressed beneath her dress

Something that made him pensive

He spied the prize betwixt her thighs

A pole of some imposing

“Penny’s a man!”

But Peter’s Pan.

And grabbed the bull right by the nose ring.

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