Pet store joke. This one is at least a half century old, but fwiw, I don’t remember seeing it here yet…

A woman goes by a pet store and sees a sign saying “We specialize in the rare and unusual.” Curious, she steps inside, and casually passes by the almost-usual: snakes, ferrets, tarantulas, macaws. She then notices a steel cage at the back of the store with a terrier-sized furry indistinct animal of some kind inside. She asks the owner, “So what’s that one?”

The owner says, “Well, that’s a wooglybooger, but it’s a guard animal, they’re kind of dangerous to have around, and not many people would ever want one.”

She asks, “So what’s unusual about it?” The owner unlocks the cage and carefully takes it out. He says, “Wooglybooger: chair!” The wooglybooger flies at the chair and savagely attacks it with splinters flying everywhere. In seconds, the chair is reduced to sawdust.

She says, “I’ve got to have it!” The owner says, “Are you sure? It’s not cheap either, it’s $10,000.” She says, “I don’t care, I’ll sell my new car if I have to, I’ve got to have it!” The owner says, “I’m glad you like it, but you do have to be careful with them. Is there some reason you want it so much?”

She says, “Absolutely. Tonight like every night I’ll be home, and my husband is going to stagger in drunk from the bar. He’s going to see it sitting on the couch with me, and he’d going to demand, ‘What the hell is that?'” And I’m going to smile and say, “It’s a wooglybooger.”

And he’s going to say, “Wooglybooger my ass!!!”

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