Password to Heaven

A husband and wife involved in an accident dies one after the other and arrived at the Pearly Gates. He meets St. Peter and asks how to get to heaven. St. Peter replies, “God, is really a loving God and wants everybody to go to heaven, so I will just ask you to spell correctly a simple word and you go to heaven, so spell ‘love’.” He spells love correctly walks through the gates, but St. Peter tells him: “I have an emergency, so take over my place for a few minutes and just asks the next comer to spell a word. Just then his wife comes up the Pearly Gates and asks, “George, why are you already on the other side and how do I get to Heaven?” He replies: “God is a loving God and wants everyone to go to Heaven, so just spell a simple word and you are in.” She says: “So, George what is the word, tell me.” He replies: “isonicotinylhydrazide.”

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