Parrot with No Legs

A man and his wife are in a pet store to purchase their first pet. Unfortunately, she has her eyes on a very expensive Blue Macaw that costs several thousand dollars. In a cage next to it is a smaller, rough looking parrot. The parrot looks at the man and whispers :

“Hey buddy, you should buy me instead of that other parrot, I’m way less expensive!” The man then asks the parrot why he is so much less expensive, and the parrot says “well I haven’t got any legs.” The man says “how do you stay on your perch without any legs?” The parrot replies “easy, I just wrap my cock around the perch!”

The man convinces his wife to buy the poor leg-less parrot, because nobody else would want him. Things are going well until one day the man comes home from work and the parrot says: “hey buddy, I think your wife is having an affair!” The man asks the parrot what happened and the parrot says “well after you went to work a man came over” “Then what happened?” Asks the man “Well they sat on the couch and started making out” “Then what happened?” Asks the man, getting angrier “Well then he took off her shirt and started fondling her breasts” says the parrot. “THEN WHAT HAPPENED?” Says the man, irate at this point The parrot looks at the man and says “I don’t know, I fell off my perch!”

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