One guy sees a beautiful Nun on a bus

He says to her “Hey little girl, wanna have sex”

The Nun turned around her face fuming. “Who do you think you are! I am God’s servant!”

Once the bus stopped the nun ran out of the bus, still fuming.

The bus driver heard all of this and called the guy over to him. “Hey that nun goes to the graveyard every Wednesday night to pray. You should go there and pretend to be God, by throwing a pure white blanket over her while holding a light, and tell her that she will be the next Mother Mary and trick her into having sex.

So the guy goes to the graveyard dressed up as God, low and behold, there was that nun sitting by a grave and praying.

He throws the blanket over her to simulate being in heaven. He then proceeds to tell her. “This world has gone into disarray, with so many terrible things people are doing in this world! I have chosen to create a new Jesus for this earth, and you shall be the new Mother Mary, the vessel for the savior of the world.”

The nun nodded her head and then said “My Father I know you are so powerful and mighty, surely you can start a new Christ from only having anal sex with me”

The guy agrees to this and they then proceed to have a vigorous session of hardcore anal sex.

After they finished the guy throws off the blanket and yells “Ha, I’m not God! I was the guy on the bus!”

The nun then gets up and says “Ha I was the bus driver!’

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