One day while at the farmers market a man came upon a cart with a sign that read “Magic Apples”

He asked the farmer what could possibly be magic about apples. The farmer handed him a fruit and said try it. After taking a bite the man said to the farmer, “It’s a fine apple, but still just an apple.” To which the farmer replied “Turn it over”. The man turned the apple over, took another bite, and to his surprise it tasted like cotton candy. He was flabbergasted, and asked the farmer how he had grown such amazing fruit. The farmer just smiled and said “Magic”. Well the man insisted on trying several more apples, each one had a surprise non apple side. There was hotdog, lemonade, vanilla ice cream, the possibilities seemed endless, just take a bite of regular apple, turn it over, get something special. Suddenly the mans eyes opened wide, he leaned over and whispered to the farmer “You got one of these apples that taste like pussy?” The farmer smiled and handed the man an apple from a basket behind the cart. Taking a huge bite, the man sputtered and gagged, spitting the apple out he exclaimed “That apple tastes like shit!” The farmer calmly replied “Turn it over”.

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