One day, a ridiculously bored King in a small town decided to have a contest and the winner would choose, either to marry his daughter, gold and riches… Or name anything that he desires.

Whomsoever jumps down the moat filled with crocodiles, swims to the sides and climbs back up unharmed shall win the contest and name his price.

The crowd gathered near the edge of the moat where the king shouted:

“Is anyone brave enough to entertain me?”. And noone dared to respond.

The king, visibly bored and pissed, shouted “If noone dares to jump, I will pick out from the crowd”

And the people gasped. No one even dared to attempt this futile task. Fear dawned at them.

Then suddenly to everyone’s surprise, a splash.

And then emerging from the waters, a man visibly swimming for his life as he avoided a fierce monster on his tail. He makes the side of the moat and climbs up frantically before he was caught. He makes it up. The crowd cheers and The king, very pleased, shouts:

“Name your price! Brave soul. Do you wish to marry my daughter and be prince?”

  • “No!”

“Do you wish for riches and fame?”

“Oh, hell No!”

“Then what do you desire? Speak!”

“I wanna find that motherfucker who fuckin’ pushed me!”

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