One day a little girl was saying her prayers

She prayed “dear lord I pray for mommy and daddy but grandma’s gonna die” Now her dad overheard this from the next room and thought it very odd but he went on with his business. Now the next day he got a call that the grandmother had infact died.

He was deeply troubled by this so the next night he listened in on his daughters prayers again. “Dear lord I pray for mommy and daddy but aunt Jenny’s gonna die” so the dad called up aunt Jenny but she didn’t pick up. Later it was found that she had also died.

The very disturbed dad went to listen to his daughter prayers again “dear lord I pray for mommy but daddy’s gonna die” He was now utterly terrified. The next day at work he went about paranoid of everything around him trying to avoid anything that could possibly be harmful.

The exhausted dad gets home and tells his wife “oh honey I had the worst day”

She replies “you think you had a bad day, today the mailman dropped dead in the living room”

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