Once upon a time, a King wanted to have some fun…

…. He went on a podium and said loudly: “I will give half of my fortune to anyone who manages to tell me a lie that I, myself, admit that it’s a lie.”

An old man walked to the King and said: “I can draw rainbows wherever I want.”

The King replied: “That’s true, I saw you making one yesterday and it was really pretty.”

A soldier then walked to the King while everyone stared at him, and said: “Your majesty, I have a gun that shoots atomic bombs.”

The King quickly said: “That’s great, and by the way, good job on Hiroshima.”


After hearing all that, the kingdom was discouraged to ask any further questions because it would simply end the same; the King can always find a way to dodge that lie.

Almost desperate, a young boy approached the King holding a barrel and loudly said: “I lent you a barrel of gold last week”.

The King said: “That’s a lie.”

The boy replied: “Give me half of your fortune then!”

The King quickly said: “Wait, I remember, you did lend you me barrel of gold last week.”

Smirking, the boy shouted: “Give it back to me then.”

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