Once a man decided to worship a Celtic god of good fortune named Sucellus.

(This particular god carries a large hammer) Since nobody has worshipped him for millennia, the God was pleased and decided to appear before the man.

God: You mortals have forgotten me for so long. I am very flattered that you thought to worship me. For that I will grant you three wishes.

Man: What?! Just three? I want at least 10 wishes.

God: Are you mad, mortal? Have you forgotten your place? I am offering you three, take it or leave it.

Man: Ok, I’ll take three but you have to give me your word. You can’t backtrack on any of these.

God: Do you doubt my power? I can do anything. Of course I won’t backtrack. I give you my word.

Man: First wish, I wish that the hammer in your hand would turn into a stick.

God: (laughing) You really are insane. All the things in the whole world and you wish for this?? Ok whatever, here you go.

Hammer turns into stick.

Man: Now I wish that you put that stick up your arse.

God: (furiously) What?!! How dare you ask for such a thing.

Man:You gave me your word. This is my second wish. You have to do it.

God: (hesitantly) Ok fine.

Puts the stick up his arse.

Man: Now dear Sucellus, are you giving me my ten wishes or you want me to turn that stick back into hammer again.

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