On her wedding day, the mother of the bride has a talk with her daughter.

“Sweetheart,” says she, “your husband-to-be is a great catch. Handsome, kind, and rich. But he’s Greek. And you need to know something about Greek men in the bedroom. There will come a day, maybe soon maybe not, but the time will come when, during intimacy, he’ll ask you to “roll over.” When that happens, don’t say another word to him. Just come straight home to me.” The daughter promises that she will do as her mother asks. But she’s nervous about it.

The wedding goes forward without a hitch, and so does the honeymoon. The couple gets on fabulously together, in the bedroom and out. When they get home, the marital bliss continues, and the young bride discovers that she has quite a sex drive. She initiates sex even more frequently than her husband. And the bride’s mother’s warning never becomes relevant.

On the couple’s first anniversary, they have a fantastic, romantic night out. And when they get home, the have sex for a solid three hours straight. After all that, the husband leans over and whispers in his wife’s ear “honey, roll over for me.”

The woman bursts into hysterical tears. She jumps out of bed, and begins to pack her bags. “I’m going home to my mother,” she wails. “Honey, what’s wrong,” her husband begs. “Let me fix it,” he says. “My mother warned me about yiu on our wedding day! She told me that one day you would ask me to “roll over.” “Of course, darling,” the man replies. “But don’t you ever want to have a baby???”

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