On a recent trip to New York the Pope saw the most beautiful red car…

As the Pope basked in the beauty of the red car, the owner appeared and insisted that he should take it for a test drive.

“No, no!” exclaimed the Pope, “I couldn’t possibly!”

The driver wouldn’t take no for an answer and jumped in the back of the beautiful red car. And so off they went, leaving the pope-mobile and the bewildered security team behind.

“This is wonderful, the greatest car I’ve ever driven!” The Pope cried, as they wound through the city, going faster and faster. Eventually excitement got the better of him and he put his foot to the floor, racing over the Brooklyn Bridge, smashing the speed limit. All of a sudden, flashing blue lights popped up in his mirror and a police officer signalled to pull over.

The officer sauntered up the car and began to speak but stopped, gobsmacked when he realised who was driving the car.

“Jesus!” he cried, “Wait right here!” He stumbled back to his squad car and grabbed at the radio, calling back to the precinct.

“Sir!” he said to his boss, “I’ve just pulled over a VIP for speeding, I don’t know what to do!”

“Well who is it? The mayor?”

“No sir, way more important than the mayor!”

“Who then? Brad Pitt?”

“More important sir!”

“Well is it the president?”

“No sir, more important than the president!”

“Well who on God’s green earth is more important than the president of the United States?”

“I don’t know sir, but this guy’s chauffeur is The Pope!”

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