Older gentleman walks into the brothel…

… He walks towards the brothel mama, as she greets him he says:

“I would like something special”

She looks at him with judging eye:

“Well we have something nobody else has, but it’s quite pricey, are you sure you want it?”

He smiles:

“Don’t worry, money are not problem for me.”

“We offer sex with recently deceased women for 3 thousand.” she replies.

He hands over the money and she gives him directions to the room he is supposed to go to. He goes inside, and there it is, carcass looking as a living woman just a bit paler and cold to the touch. He does his thing thoroughly enjoying himself and as he leaves brothel mama stops him to ask whether he is satisfied.

“So how was it any complaints?”

“Overall it was good spent money, as I never had anything like that, but as I came a little piece of booger started to leak from her nose.” he says.

“Oh my, I’m sorry I’ll take care of that.” she takes the phone out calling the janitor:

“Hi there, number 3 is full, we need another one.”

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