Old Russian joke: One day the bear escaped from the zoo

One day the bear escaped from the zoo and climbed a tree in a residential area. Same day lonely old lady came out in the morning for milk, saw the bear and called the zoo. Half an hour later a rusty old van drove to her house. Hefty bearded man with a shotgun got out of the van followed by little white dog. A man approached the old lady and asked: – Where is the bear, which you told us? The old woman pointed on a tree. The man replied: – Clear. So, here, hold the shotgun. Now I climb a tree and start to shake it. When the bear falls, Milky (man pointed on the dog) grab him by the balls and lead him to the zoo. That is a proven approach. We have done it 1000 times already. Confused old lady said: – Clear… But why did you give me a shotgun? The man replies, slightly lowering his voice: – Usually, everything goes well. BUT, if if i fall from a tree instead of a bear – SHOOT THE MILKY!

I’m also russian so sorry for my language.

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