Old man at a nursing home.

There was an old man in a nursing home who had felt lonely since his wife had passed. and everyday he would sit at the same bench and stare at the trees in the yard.

And elderly woman walked up to him one day and began to talk to him. She heard his story and was saddened and asked if there was anything she could do to cheer him up. “actually” the man spoke “you could hold my penis”

At first the lady thought this was strange but she figured since she wasnt doing anything bad; just holding his penis, that theres no harm done.

Day after day shed meet the guy and hold his penis and they would talk for hours on end. She began to enjoy the time and thought nothing about the penis holding.

One day she went to the spot to find that the man was not there. For the next week she didnt see her friend at the bench and began to worry. She found a worker and asked “did he pass away?” scared for the answer. The worker responded “Oh, No! He’s been by the pool side everyday for about a week now.”

The elderly lady didn’t quite understand why but she walked over to the pool house to find him. Once she got there she saw him sitting next to the pool with another woman holding his penis! She was irate!

“What’s this?” she yelled at him “Was my company not good enough for you? What does this girl have that i don’t?”

The man looked up with a smile and said one word “parkinsons”

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