Ok, you got me.

A drug raid is going on at a house in the suburbs. The cops kick in the door and spread out through the house. A DEA agent breaks open a bathroom door to find a man holding what appears to be a bag of coke over a toilet.

“Freeze, motherfucker!” The cop shouts.

“Ok, ok, you got me.” The dealer says, “But you need to listen to me for a second. There’s some really strange shit going on here.”

“What’re you talking about?” The cop asks.

“Man, I’ve been knowing you guys were coming for the last ten minutes.” The dealer answers, “My buddy up the street tipped me off. I’ve been standing here that whole time trying to flush this baggie, but every time I do, a green scaly hand comes up from the toilet and tosses it back out.”

The cop looks at the guy like he’s crazy. “Just how high are you, boy?”

“Dude, I’m totally serious. You’ve got me dead to rights, so why would I lie at this point?” The dealer says.

The cop ponders this for a moment, then says, “Ok. Toss it in. Let’s see what happens.”

The dealer tosses the bag of dope into the toilet, and flushes it. They wait for a few minutes and nothing happens.

“Alright, wise-ass, where is it?” The cop asks.

The dealer shrugs. “Where’s what?”

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